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We have openings for 2017 HUNTS Booking First Come:

My hunting friends below you will find some opportunities at our camp. If you have an interest you can contact us at this E-MAIL:


Type Of HUNT: Combo 6 day Bow 4 Day Gun (Shotgun or Muzzle Loader) Can be booked as gun only Cost would be $1500.00each Reduced $1400.each

Number Of Hunters: 1, 2, 3

Number of days: 6 bow / 4 days gun

Arrival Day: November 22nd. Not before Noon.

Scout Day: November 23rd.

Hunt Dates: November 24th. thru November 29th. W/bow then November 30th. thru December 3rd.

Departure Date & Time: December 4th. by 10am.

Cost: $2500 each. discounted from $2650 each.

Group of 3 additional discount of $100 each.



Type Of HUNT: Muzzle Loader Only

Number Of Hunters: 1, 2, 3

Number of days: 3 days Muzzle loader only

Arrival Day: December 6th.

Scout Day: December 7 & 8. ($75 option to add second scout day is included )

Hunt Dates: December 6,9,10

Departure Date & Time: December 11th. by 10am.

Cost: $ 1425 each.

Group of 3 additional discount of $100 each.

2016 Season was AWESOME LIKELY OUR BEST OVER ALL IN OUR 18 YEARS. We hope to have photos up By April 1st. 

Simply put most whitetail hunters who enjoy hunting enough to travel will find our camp just what most dream about but can't find!  Have you ever said to yourself or your hunting friends if I could get to one of those places I could kill a big trophy buck ?

we have done for our hunting partners!

The mission from the start has been for our camp to give hunters what they want in a hunt and we have worked hard to make that happen now for 17 season's heading into season 18. Most hunters want hunts affordable our camp has provided hunt cost below average

and depending on the hunt you choose we are way below average! Hunters want to be in the timber more days so we provide a 10-day hunts at camp for about the average cost of a 5 or 6-day hunt at other outfits, Hunters want high quality properties

and surely we have that here at camp, Hunters want a management system that both provides opportunities and quality our antler requirements surely have worked perfectly to support both, allowing for hunters to learn and grow and at the same time producing

trophy bucks up into the B/C class. Hunters want to have control of their hunts to scout and hang their stands where and how they want them and to choose the stand they want to hunt on any given day. Our camp provides just that as you scout, hang your stands and you decided

what stand you'll hunt on any given day! And while you're at it my partner and I would really like our very own farm to hunt! and that just what you get here at your camp. Oh and last but surely not least can we please add low pressure into that.... and yes we can and have

as those who have hunted here can tell you that our mission to keep hunting pressure low so that each bow hunter and each group can hunt un-pressured bucks has worked out really well. Simply put OUR camp Outdoor Partners that is you and I the hunters who hunt here

and those who will in the future have the most unique camp in all the land. One that we can all feel a bit of ownership in and have pride in. Outdoor Partners is not a camp it's not the hunting grounds it truly is the hunters who hunt here! You can ask the hunters this is their camp!

The fact that the hunters do their own scouting , stand placement  on farms they return to each year with well controlled hunting pressure simply lets them not only feel ownership but the satisfaction of accomplishment when they place their tag on their trophy buck because they

really have earned that trophy 100% they did it their way.   Please take the time to read just some of the notes we have received from the hunters who make up Outdoor Partners. The hardest part about our camp is getting your foot in the door being that we give hunters what they

want in their hunting most hunters return and many have made this their camp for years. Get on our Future hunt list NOW don't wait all kidding aside we would enjoy having you but it really means you need to be on our future hunt list.


Thanks again,  ODP was everything I hoped it would be and I plan to return sometime in the future. Frank D.

Donald LeBlanc




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