Outdoor Partners
Outdoor Partners is a DO IT YOUR trophy buck outfitting operation,  based in West Central Illinois' famed Golden Triangle. With several  farms under our management, spread over Adams, Schuyler, Hancock and  McDonough Counties, the superior genetics, and management system has  worked out well for the hunters with P&Y and B&C class bucks being  harvested by our hunters. Our management system allows for some of the  lowest hunting pressure in trophy whitetail hunting. We have one farm  that is around 600+ acres that we allow groups of 3 and 4 hunters to  hunt, all of our remaining farms range in size from around 80ac to 400+  acres and we only allow two hunters to hunt them during any given hunt.  Our hunters have been both really happy with the controlled hunting  pressure and the amount of ground they have to hunt. In the past 3  seasons we have had a good number of our hunters see more bucks than doe  during their hunt. 

While our goal is to have great trophy whitetail hunting for now and the  future Outdoor Partners is all so built with the hunters in mind who  enjoy the entire process of hunting from doing your own scouting to  placing your own stands. The owner sits down with you on your arrival  day and gives you a map of your farm or farms and points out one or two  good areas for you to check while scouting, he will go out to your farm  to go over such things as where to park and he'll ensure you understand  where your farm boundaries are located. Your arrival day is at no cost  so on a 5-day hunt plan on being in the timber 6-days as your arrival  day is your scout and stand hanging day. 

Another big part of our goal is to supply our hunters with that awesome  trophy whitetail hunting that the area is known for at a reasonable cost  one that allows the average working person to return each season. You'll  find that many well over half of our hunters book more than 5-day hunts,  with many doing 7 and 10-day hunts. Our return rate has been out of this  world. Keep in mind going along the lines of wanting you to feel some  ownership our system is set such that after you have come in one year  for your first hunt those dates and that farm are yours to hunt as long  as you wish to return and you hunt by the camp management system and  guidelines. 

Our hunters have proven that our management system is working with the  high caliber of bucks they continue to harvest year in and year out as  in 2009 when one of the hunters harvested a buck over the 200 inch mark. 

Here at Outdoor Partners no hunters will have hunted your stand before  you and no one will trim your stand to much or not enough as you'll be  doing this yourself. And when you arrive back home with that monster  buck and someone say's where did you kill that buck you can say I killed  this monster at my Outdoor Partners camp in Illinois! Because that is  what Outdoor Partners would like for each hunter to feel ownership. Here  you will earn your deer, yourself on your own hunting ground at your camp. 

And going on the DO IT YOUR SELF theme you'll find beside having two  camps right on the same lot a 3 bedroom farm house and a 3 bedroom  mobile home there is another building for your use that includes cutting  tables, freezers and a large walk-in cooler all for your use or if you  chose to you can take your deer to local processing plants. Camp is not  5-star you will not find Satellite TV the camps are warm dry and have  everything you need to cook if you wish to eat in or you can go to local  dinners as many of the hunters chose to do. We sleep two hunters per  bedroom so you and your hunting partner have your room. 

It's all here for you the management system is in place on all farms and  the camp is here it can be yours every year for the same dates. Please  always feel free to call or e-Mail for more information or to book let  me remind each of you as you'll see we have only a limited number of  hunts per season and many of our hunters book over the standard 5-day  hunt many doing 10 and 12-days so this fills up a lot of openings  quickly. If you're interested in a hunt to have your best chance of  getting into your camp here at Outdoor Partners contact us early! 

All hunters who book receive a monthly E-news that keeps you up on  what's happening at your camp and takes you through the tag process, you  can request to be placed on this E-news list all so by e-mailing and  request OUTDOOR PARTNERS E-news. Inquiry@oplms.com

THANK YOU to each hunter who takes the time to look over our site here  at OUTDOOR PARTNERS we know that this type of hunt is not something all  hunters would enjoy if you don't enjoy the entire process of hunting  these hunts might not be for you. But we want to wish every hunter a  safe and enjoyable season may your biggest buck dreams be fulfilled.